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Saturn Sade Sati Nivaran

There are most concepts in Vedic astrology which are belong to Saturn and Saturn Sade sati is one of them. People says that when Saturn in angry mood then we face Sade sati problem and also called as sani ki dhaiya

Why this occur: Saturn are lives every humans horoscope sometimes its gives profit and sometime gives losses and causes of problem. It's says that when Saturn lives 12th. 1st, 2nd house from the house where moon are situated then its start the Sade sati effect. Sade sati concept is different for every zodiac sign person and then all kinds of bed effect start according to Saturn position.

The reason behind this: There is a conception associated with Saturn that is termed Dhaiya of Saturn or Shani which suggests a transit of Saturn in a very specific sign on a Horoscope for an amount of two and 1/2 years. In a very Horoscope once Saturn visits the fourth or eighth Sign reckoning from the sign wherever Moon is placed in natal Horoscope or birth chart, then Dhaiya of Saturn is alleged to be in impact for that Horoscope. As an example, if Moon is in Leo sign on a natal Horoscope, once Saturn transits through Scorpio and Pisces, the Dhahiya of Shani or Saturn is alleged to be in impact. However as just in case of Sade Sati of Shani, the Dhahiya of Shani conjointly provides dangerous effects solely to some individuals whereas it provides useful results to people relying upon their horoscope. The dangerous effects of Dhaiya of Saturn may be reduced with the assistance of Pooja, Yantras, Mantras, Gemstones and Charities.

Solution for Sade Sati Nivaran:
  • Shade sati Mala: Rudraksh is able to contro Saturn and seven mukhi and fourteen mukhi rudraksh mala reduce the malefic effect of Saturn sade sati
  • Remove this dosha using sade shati mantra
  • Try to donate clothes and food to poor people
  • Wear black clothes and donate oil, black cow to poor people
  • Saturday fast and eat only black food like: rice and black urad dal

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